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(Quick one: if you came directly from my email – scroll down to ‘The Pact’ image and read on from there 😉 )

We’ve stepped into a new era, and the cosmic energies are palpable! 

Pluto moved into Aquarius which is all the rage. Can you feel the transformative shift? I certainly can, more than I expected to!

Today also marks the start of the Human Design Calendar – its a new annual solar cycle and it starts in Gate 41 – the energy of HOPE.

THE DREAMER – Turning Dreams into Reality. Think of the energy as your inner cheerleader, pushing you to believe in progress even when things seem tough. It’s about having a persistent hope that your dreams and desires can help you break free from limitations.

I have Gate 41 in my human design chart ––it sits within my Conscious Earth Sign.

The Earth sign in Human Design represents the stabilising force that grounds and supports you in this physical reality. It signifies your connection to the material world, a sense of rootedness, if you will.

The way I personally find rootedness according to Human Design chart is through (Gate 41) my hopes and dreams! I’m grounded by my desire to dream and dream BIG! Imagining exciting new experiences, and using that optimism to overcome any obstacles that might be in my way. 

I loved when I found this out about my human design, because I have always found myself to be an optimistic dreamer. You’ll forever find me dreaming up new ways to do things. It was such an affirming thing to discover and learn to lean into even more, especially as it relates to how I feel connected to my physical reality.

I always say to my clients, human design doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know about yourself, but it does confirms what you have sensed and have felt about yourself – it’s quite the confidence booster! Just the permission slip we all need!

As someone also passionate about Astrology, a self-professed Astro-loving babe (far from an expert but a seasoned enthusiast!), I delve into the intricate layers of my birth chart too and apply my expert knowledge in Human Design. It has evolved into quite an art form, offering profound insights into the workings of my life through these cosmic lenses.

While I cherish astrological interpretations, I believe in grounding cosmic curiosity with practical wisdom because, let’s face it, I’m human, and spiritual bypassing isn’t my style.

I also don’t like being limited by things. I’ve said this a few times before, but I’m not a fan of labels! I’ve always despised being confined by them.

Oddly, my love for Astrology and Human Design has blossomed over the years, even though on the ‘surface’ layer they categorise you by sign or type. But if you know these tools, you’ll understand that Astrology is more than a star sign and Human Design is not a rigid discipline (well at least thats my take on it!)

Human Design is rather, the Science of Differentiation. It goes beyond labels, emphasising a way of ‘being’—a fluidity that resonates with my quest for flow and authenticity.

And that’s why I love it! It invites you to lean into your energetic blueprint, embracing a more authentic and fulfilling approach to life based on your unique energy and the strategy that supports your type. 

Whether you’re here to:

  • Initiate, share and take action on your big bold visions & ideas (Manifestor)
  • Respond to the outside world and turn inspiration into physical form (Generators)
  • Wait for an invitation to share your profound wisdom to improve things (Projectors)
  • Or wait patiently for a lunar cycle to confirm resonance with an action you want to take (Reflectors) it’s all about finding what aligns with you best, because leaning into your natural flow state with openness and trust leads to living that authentic and fulfilled life!

Whilst I share my reflections with you, please don’t mistake this as an attempt to indoctrinate. We don’t do that over here! I always say, ‘Take what you need and leave the rest,’ or ‘just do whatever floats your boat, babe!’ 

It’s about alignment with YOUR truth! On a human cellular level, I view the Human Design system as a tool for ‘data’ and so far its worked for me, and thats why I LOVE doing readings.

Drawing comparisons to my past career as a Fashion Buyer/Merchandiser, where ‘data’ was also my guiding star there for me to do my job really well, I’ve learned to appreciate the dance between making informed decisions and unforeseen outcomes even more, particularly since I’m quite the dreamer (Gate 41 of Hope.)

As a buyer I would use data ALL the time to analyse the temperature of business performance and make better and more informed decisions, to affirm actions taken BUT as with everything else in life sometimes the actions taken work and sometimes, they don’t, I especially know this as a 3/5 profile!

Here’s a story from my fashion buying days…

Picture this: It’s a hot summer. There was a top line decision made from senior management that in order to meet a HUGE business KPI / target we needed to take some mark down action on some high-margin stock and promote it for a whole region.

Remember it’s a hot summer, so it makes sense to markdown some high margin t-shirts right, t-shirts always sell well in the Summer!

So my planner and I carefully draft up a plan to mark down these t-shirts. We reviewed the sales reports, looked at last year’s numbers, requested approval form the senior team and got the pricing tool updated with new prices.

The shop floor staff changed POS signs and re-labelled the stock with updated prices and the visual merchandising team repositioned the t-shirt table so that customers will see the markdown t-shirts when they enter the stores.

Everything was set— the weather looks promising and we click approve on everything for this markdown.

The doors open, ready for our customers to buy, buy, buy and then …

Mother Nature had other plans, she said, ‘not today folks!’ and it rained profusely!

Everyone who would’ve taken advantage of this markdown sale, can’t get to the store because of storm like issues. People who bravely made it are now looking to buy a raincoat and an umbrella but do we have any umbrellas and raincoats to sell them?! In the end, the t-shirts are ignored and not sold as intended on that day. Welp!

This experience taught me the importance of aligning business decisions with external factors too and prompted us as a team to seek the possibility of predictive weather tools for future! Ha!

Could we have made a more aligned business decision if we knew that the weather would turn? Who knows, but my long-winded point here is that I perceive astrology in the same light.

It’s a symbolic language akin to data, representing a cosmic dance of force fields that encapsulates the interplay between our cognitive conditioning reflecting our humanness, (experiences thoughts and perceptions) and our energetic disposition, rooted in spirituality and connection to something bigger than us or the source.

Human Design and Astrology have become a tool—a guide for my spirit self living through a human experience, holding profound significance but WITHOUT defining me as ONE thing.

Over the years, I’ve seamlessly integrated practical and esoteric methodologies…

…helping myself and others unlock their fullest potential. My journey—complete with Human Design knowledge, holistic therapies like Sound Healing, Life Coaching skills, and 12 years in corporate business which has embodied my commitment to personal growth that also supports the whole.

My energy desires to be used up in ways that enhances self-connection, self-harmony, and inner radiance so that life can be lived more authentically and aligned with a sense of ease and flow. Deepening understanding and compassion for how you relate to others around you.

Its not just about the individual its about the collective too!

I have and will continue to utilise a versatile blend of professional, creative, spiritual, and scientific methodologies to guide holistic fulfilment and success for everyone. With this clarity in mind, I’ve crafted my brand new tagline:

Where Personal Growth Meets Professional Evolution! “Revolutionise The Way You See Yourself & Redefine Your Story.”

and my new ‘job’ title:

‘Holistic Self-Development Strategist & Team Optimisation Analyst’

Snazzy much –Ha! I’m such a goof ball!

Naturally, with this new found clarity of what I do in a more ‘professional’ tone I felt that I should probably update my LinkedIn. Something I’ve been avoiding but meaning to do for the longest time!

Anyone else not much of a LinkedIn fan?

I’ve never really known how to show up there since officially leaving corporate. I’ve found it a quite a daunting business social space, especially when navigating more value-driven and holistic tendencies.

But, it seems the tides are changing, and I’m ready to embrace it!

It’s changing because I feel we are slowly moving away from the more, ‘yang’ like business qualities. You know the; power play, ‘dog eat dog’ survival, fear-driven strategy, authoritarian, competitive, exclusion based, conformity and hyper-productivity tendencies.

I truly feel we are starting to lean more into, ‘yin’ like qualities such as; self-awareness, receptive, empathetic, conscious led, authentic, heart-centred joy and purposefully driven energy. Makes sense to plug back in there with more intention.

—I see 2024 a part of my mission to redefine conscious co-operation and culture. I’m excited to share and serve Human Design to the unknown, offering valuable insights into how individual growth and awareness can contribute to the overall positive evolution of the collective. May seem like a big pipe dream, but don’t we all wish for something far less toxic, competitive and tactical? I do!

In the midst of all this found clarity, another new chapter has unfolded for me.

I could get super ‘woo’ here and tell you ALL about the Astrological occurrences that assisted this new chapter and how ‘bang-on’ correct some predictions were even down to the exact dates – but I won’t.

The short story is that I’m currently stepping into a new role, co-leading a very exciting start-up company where I get to live out my 2024 mission in using my professional skills and human design knowledge to be of service to the collective on a global scale – it’s a super exciting time!

This means, a lot of my attention is being diverted to this new role and my normal human design services are now quite limited. I’m having to work in new ways!

So, if you want to work with me sooner rather then much later, I have very limited space for individual readings until the end of February 2024, to accommodate adjustment into my new role:


These readings are recorded readings sent to you via email. You book a time, add your details and the reading will be recorded and sent out to you within 2 weeks from the date booked. It’s at a ridiculous rate of £111 – truly take advantage whilst you can! I don’t think I’ll be offering this again.


I have VERY limited spaces for my very popular advanced human design readings and well, to be honest any other reading. If you wish to book an advanced HD reading or any other reading with me, e.g 3-month transit reading, Connection chart or a HD integration session, please enquire by email:


From mid-February onwards, I’ll be opening up space for TWO small study groups (4-5 people per group) to delve into the intricacies of learning Human Design every Friday. It will be a beautiful intimate space to learn.

I mentioned earlier that my Human Design profile is 3/5, and the best way for me to share my knowledge of course is to teach it! If you already signed up to my waiting list for ‘The PACT’ last year, thank you!

I’m so sorry this is launching way later than intended but sometimes the divine has other plans!

The ‘PACT’ study group is :

  • learning about the foundational principles of human design
  • learning how to read your own chart (and for friends and family too)
  • unlocking and interpreting your potential and true genius as the wonderful human that you are!

Sign up here to be added to the waiting list to find out more about joining the FIRST study group! I will be sharing enrolment details by the end of this week!

If you’ve been keen to learn about HD, ask anyone I’ve done a reading for. You’re going to learn A LOT!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sticking around! I can’t believe I’ve finally written my first blog / mini life update! – I’m thrilled to have you along for the ride!

P.S Don’t worry; amidst all the changes, sound baths and activations will still find their way to you via your inbox! Its a full moon in Leo this Thursday, hoping to get something out for you!

So as Pluto shifts seasons and our cosmic journey continues, be great and stay radiant!

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the ‘PACT’ announcement this week – very limited spaces!

With love and radiance,


Your Holistic Self-Development Strategist & Team Optimisation Analyst!

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