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We now have eGift cards available for you to buy Human Design readings for loved ones!

Gift someone the opportunity to explore the depths of their being, embrace and illuminate the true essence of their authenticity and purpose. A life more fulfilled is an aligned life - what a beautiful gift?!

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 Perfect for Birthday's, Christmas, New Year or  'Just Because' 
No matter the occasion, this gift card for a Human Design reading is a profound gesture of love, care and empowerment.

Self - Discovery

GIFT A loved one a transformational human design reading 

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The Partnership

Discover the intricate dynamics and compatibility between two individuals with this personalised connection reading of 90mins — Gain insights into how your unique Human Designs interact and complement each other. Explore the strengths, potential challenges, and areas of harmony within your connection and  how to navigate and communicate effectively, honouring each other's design and fostering a deeper connection.

Choosing the Perfect Gift Card Value
It's entirely up to you to determine the value or amount you'd like to gift your loved one! You have the flexibility to choose from pre-determined amounts or select a custom sum towards the total cost of one of my services. 

HD Exploration

For individuals who have previously had a Human Design reading and have specific questions or queries about their unique design. This 1-hour exploration session is tailored to provide focused Human Design Guidance, addressing specific questions or areas in your Human Design that require deeper exploration so that you gain deeper understanding and clarity on particular aspects.

HD Integration

For those seeking additional support in tapping into their inner potential, this 2-hour deep integration session is designed to provide guidance and tools for personal development —  supporting in aligning with your inner genius and potential.  Working towards bridging the gap between your current state and your highest potential in self-trust, leadership, & authenticity.




Pre-Determined Amounts:

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Select a specific sum you'd like to contribute towards your loved one's chosen service. Simply input the desired amount in the box provided. Minimum spend is £25. 

Your loved one will have the freedom to choose which service they would like to purchase from me using their gift card. Knowing what services are available can assist you in contributing to their gift card value. Below are services that your gift card can contribute to. 

Gift Your loved one a transformative experience 


This 1-hour reading covers the fundamental aspects of Human Design focusing on the core elements such as Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers, and Profile. The primary goal is to introduce the basic Human Design components, providing a foundational understanding of energetic design. offering a general overview of an individual's design, helping them grasp the fundamental concepts and how they influence decision-making and life interactions.

This 2-hour advanced reading delves deep into various intricacies and layers of an individual's Human Design. Exploring additional aspects such as Sun Gate & Incarnation Cross, Variables, Channels Breakdown, Planetary Influences, and more. It provides a more comprehensive understanding of a design, revealing nuanced details and hidden potentials, offering detailed insights into the nuances of  specific elements that shapes your unique design.

A 45min reading to explore the cosmic influences shaping your life within a 3-month transit period. Gain an understanding of the planetary movements and their impact on your life during these months and explore how these transits interact with your unique Human Design. The aim is to guide you through these shifts and help you optimise the cosmic energies, navigate any challenges,  inform decisions, and leverage opportunities in the coming months. 




DON'T FORGET - You Can Also Pool A Gift Card TOGETHER With Friends And Contribute As A Group!

Think of yourself as the Sun.

What is Human design?

Just as the Sun radiates light and energy in every direction, every individual emits a unique vibrancy and essence. That's the "Radiant" part. It's the unmistakable glow you have when you're aligned with your true self, shining at your brightest, casting away shadows of doubt and uncertainty.

Now, add the motion of the planets, their orbits, their patterns – a celestial dance if you will. Every so often, the alignment changes, leading to a "Revolution". Just as planets have their orbits and patterns, humans have designs – unique blueprints of their existence. These aren't just physical, but emotional, intellectual, and spiritual orbits that define who we are. 

Human Design is your cosmic map. It’s that constellation of traits, tendencies, strengths, and challenges that make you, well, YOU. Dive deep into it, and you don't just find your starry imprint; you kickstart your very own revolution. So, what's a Radiant Revolution?

It's an awakening. A cosmic dance of discovering the luminous patterns that define you. It’s about twirling into the galaxy of your existence, shining bright, and setting a new orbit for a life more aligned, vibrant, and utterly YOU! Let the stars guide you, but remember. You are the Sun.

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“As a 3/5 profile I’m meant to try things and share what I’ve learnt from these trials. What I have learnt from my reading with Jazreena is a deep compassion for myself from seeing my chart through her eyes.

It is a blessing to experience a reading by Jazreena. The attention to detail is phenomenal and the care with which the information is delivered is beautiful. Thank you!”


3/5, Generator


“Never imagined I would gain so much knowledge, clarity and understanding...Her entire modality from start to finish is open, caring, never judgmental. There were so many ah-ah moments to count!

I'm so grateful to Jaz for providing such a soul-affirming, perspective-shifting, inspiring and empowering experience. If you were looking for a sign or a recommendation to book a session with Jaz - here it is! Go for it! 10/10! Top tier!”

— adeola o.

6/2, Manifesting Generator


“Delving  further into my potential feels extremely validating. Of course I'm excited to see where life leads! If like me, you know nothing about human design - you won't be disappointed!

My mind was blown by a truly fantastic experience. The wealth of information you receive is enough that you will keep returning to your personalised presentation again and again! If you're on the fence - do it! You won't regret it.”

— Kezia Okafor

5/1 Projector


“My session was life-changing and life-affirming. To see yourself reflected back to you in the most fullest, unapologetic, enriching way was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

...Since my reading with Jaz, I've been able to reconnect and reawaken parts of myself. A lightness and confidence have returned as I continue to embody my full self. It's been such a blessing that is flowing into all parts of my life."

— nina elgeba

3/5, Manifestor