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I'm passionate about personal growth and self-advocacy.

With over four years of dedicated study in Human Design and certifications as a Life Coach and Sound Therapist, I've honed a unique approach to holistic wellness, coaching and personal consultancy.  

My journey began in the fast-paced world of Fashion Buying, where I flourished working within renowned fashion brands. Over 12 years, I developed skills in crafting and executing successful buying, merchandising, and sales strategies. Through informed market analysis, I consistently exceeded targets and enhanced product performance, driving strategic plans and fostering collaboration across multidisciplinary teams. 

The culmination of 12 years in corporate, combined with recent 5 years as an entrepreneur, reflects my unwavering dedication to personal growth. I employ a versatile blend of professional business acumen, creative, spiritual, and scientific methodologies to guide individuals and teams towards holistic fulfilment and success. This journey, alongside my role as a mother, ignited my passion for self-innovation and personal development, prompting me to transition into this transformative realm of personal development.  

As the founder of Radiant Wisdom, I blend Human Design, Sound Therapy, and Life Coaching to inspire clients to reconnect with their essence and live authentically. I've had the privilege of working with some amazing women including authors such as Kelechi Okafor and Tamu Thomas. Many clients have credited discovering their Human Design as pivotal in achieving their goals.

This has fuelled my aspirations to empower even more women to believe in their capabilities. Now, I'm on a mission to revolutionise personal growth, particularly for ambitious women, through a personalised platform – my aim is to empower users with insights into their strengths and opportunities for growth so we can close the gap on gender representation within leadership and gender equity globally.

My human design sessions are a dynamic fusion of insight, and practical tools aimed at guiding clients towards profound self-discovery and empowerment, reconnecting with core values, fostering deeper self-awareness and unlocking untapped potential. From Career Coaching to Leadership Consultations, I apply Human Design in diverse business contexts to support individuals and teams. My work is infused with warmth, humour, and authenticity, creating a safe space for exploration and transformation.  I'm excited to connect with peers, clients and collaborators alike. 


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